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Three out of four small business networks are vulnerable to attacks due to poor network security. Because of this lack of security, hackers and virus creators are targeting small businesses around the world. Are you letting them into your network?

Fortunately, your network can be protected through a Network Security Audit from Information Analytics. With state-of-the-art technologies and knowledgeable IT professionals, Information Analytics will work with you to detect network vulnerabilities. A Network Security Audit from Information Analytics will help you close the doors and lock them tight, eliminating the potential for unauthorized access.

Don't let your network's back door stay open-
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Order an automated security check of your external IP addresses. We'll scan your network for as little as $19.95 per IP address, and generate a customized report organized by vulnerabilities found, or by IP address. Order your security scan here.

In a recent WiFi survey, Information Analytics found that 60% of Lincoln's WiFi networks are open or unprotected, and another 10% are in their default configuration. To learn more about protecting your business network, check out this article on WiFi Security.